Monday, July 21, 2014

Cross Stitch and Quilts

I have been busy, I feel good that I am getting things done. For WOCS I have started stitching cards.

Pillowcase for granddaughter:

Quilts for church:
Before I go to sleep I think in my mind what I am going to sew the next day.  I start thinking of color, patterns, stitching, hexies.   Enjoy..

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My favorite Christmas Photos

I am still in this Christmas in July theme.  I have been busy doing my church quilts.  I need to prep
20 of them by August 11.  I am going to have woman surgery so I will need to take it easy. My goal is to transplant bushes, clean house and maybe freeze two dinners.  End of July I need to go to TX - so I will need to get stuff done.  House is a mess at the moment.

While I am resting I  will read, cross stitch, and sew hexies (sounds fun to me, really).  My husband will do the cooking - he does really well.

DIL took this photo from Lauretzin Gardens Omaha

Love these photos from Neiman Marcus in Dallas
One of the quilts we are working for church.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Christmas in July

I have been working on Christmas items.  I am not a fan of Christmas fabric - I see it in the store and I say - first of all I have enough Christmas fabric to last a few years.

I haven't been in the sewing room but I have been enjoying cross stitching, it is so relaxing and this is helping the stress I have been in lately.  I am retired I shouldn't be stressing - but that is life.

 Love stitching prairie schooler patterns.  World of Cross Stitching has begun doing Christmas cards for the seniors.  If any of you out there have  some holiday stitch items for cards and would love to donate please let me know.

It is such a lovely day again, have been working in the garden trimming hedges, bushes and pulling lots of weeds.  My begonia are not doing well, I have slugs so I am trying the beer method.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Let Freedom Ring

Happy 4th everyone.  Can't wait for the fire works to stop - the noise is getting overwhelming.
I guess people have lots of money to spend on stuff like that.  Here in Omaha there are tents everywhere selling the fire works and churches are sponsoring them.  This is my own opinion,  I feel bad for the animals dogs and cats.  It will end midnight on 4th of July.

I have lots to do, work in my garden putting compost that I have in my bin in the flower beds and doing some transplants.  I also have to finish some cross stitching I started, menu will be hamburgers, brats, german potato salad, deviled eggs, beans and ice cream for dessert.

 Be safe.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

My little garden

I brought these little plants for $1 and marigolds.

I was really bummed that I didn't plant my garden this year so I did a vignette and I love it.  The plants
are right by my living room outside my deck. Instead of planting them all over the place.

I just came from a garage sale and I got some planters.
My favorite blog to follow is "Cozy Little House" by Brenda.  She turned her garden into beauty.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Miss the ocean

It is raining outside and I love rain.  In NY we had that gentle rain with the window open, here in the Midwest we have to close the window.

This is the Port Jefferson ferry - it takes you to Connecticut thanks to Kathryn for the photo. 

Family loved the beach, first time.  My son and I would go to the beach all the time.

Back to scraps

Thanks to Deanne for knitting the prayer shawls.

Have a great day....

Monday, June 23, 2014

Embroidery from the past.

Embroidery from the past.  I went back to my roots in NY this last past week and my dear MIL, my SIL and her aunt would love to sew and embroider.  Back 40 years ago they made all their clothing, that what Saturday's were all about.  All of them would just whip up things and the pillows below were gifts to each other.

This is my favorite one.

Lots of love went into these pillows.  

P.S.  It was a tuff night for me - I am going for that test we all dread, have to drink about 4 more glasses of that stuff.  The worst is almost over.