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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Quilt with fabric from India

This quilt was on display with a theme from India.  The fabric is beautiful.

I have recovered from my sinus infection, I was ready to go to the doctor on day 8 and then day 9 I was feeling so much better.  I think it was a viral infection and only time will heal.  My doctor of over 22 years does not give out antibiotics easily. 

Enjoy your valentine this Sunday, we have lots of family stuff going on.  
January was a good month for me I was in high spirit.  February is tough I miss my loved ones who have past.  Also, my friends are going through hard times - life isn't easy. 

I shouldn't complain because life is great for me, I am currently painting a bathroom and you know what - "I don't like to paint anymore".  This getting older is depressing me cause I cannot do the things I use to do.  I am very independent and I usually get things done.  Painting is not one of my happy places.  I will be done in the next 3 days and then I will be happy again.

Diet is the next agenda for me. 


Friday, February 5, 2016

"Hello can you hear me"

I have been under the weather so I haven't done much sewing.

I will have my grandaughter's this weekend  so I need to start cooking.

I am going to make Chicken Alfredo, chocolate cake and I have a big pot of Chicken Soup.
Keep warm we have lots of snow here.  I had that viral/cold/sinus and it took a lot  out of me but I am on the mend after 8 days.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Quilt surprise at church.

I went to my church and I found a surprise.     

Can you see the flower template on the quilting.

I love going to church and finding out surprises for me.  I get fabric, sheets, quilt blocks and lots of other goodies.  

This quilt will go to auction for Carol Joy Holling - we auction off at least 300 quilts a year in Nebraska. 

The squares were donated, a member sewed the quilt and added the purple fabric.      
Another church member did the quilting, how lucky are we.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

A self made home retreat!

I have 2 tables set up and I am folding the binding onto the quilt.  Charity quilts.

I took 3 weeks off from sewing and now I am so far behind.  My DH is out of town so I have
several stations set up in the home.

I have my sewing machine set up in the dining room - it is snowing outside.

In the kitchen I have my cutting fabric station, the height is perfect. 

I cleaned up my sewing room and made it my iron station.  Getting plenty of steps in.  
I usually have this room filled with sewing tables.

I changed the needles on my 2 machines and changed blades on my tools.  Makes a big difference.

I got lots done and have till 5 tomorrow to continue.  The music is loud at my place.

Life is good.


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Positivity - My word for 2016

My word for 2016 - I forgot what my word was for 2015.
I think I will remember this word.
I worry about everything and always think the worse.  
Happy New Year everyone - wish you all good health.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How do you plan your day?

I usually have about 10 things to do on my list and then end up only doing 3-5 items a day.  When I was younger I would get the 10 things done.  I am home and I thought I would do lots more then I actually do.  I am a morning person - unless I have a bad night not sleeping.

I enter this list below on my computer under "stickies" or I use my phone and put my list under notes.

organize dining room
make chili
sew border on quilt
take nail polish off
finish book
go swim
water plants at church

Lots of grocery stores have lists you can print out or use on phones.  

I feel writing down my "to do" or "honey list" works best for me.  I over heard a conversation in a restaurant once when a nurse or adviser was telling the person to write down things you need to do and write that you paid a  bill or took a bath each day on your calendar. The person was forgetting - I believe dementia was setting in.  Getting older isn't easy but I never been happier.

Happy New Year - what will 2016 bring - I hope good health to everyone!