Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Puzzles summer fun

I brought a book with six puzzles in them - challenge is the pieces are all the same you go by the design.

I brought an Angel Food cake, put cool whip on it and the children decorated it.  It was delicious.

This one took us 3 nights to do.

 It is fun to do things with grand kids that I did when I was young.

Have a great day I am taking a nap - I deserve it.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Hexie/CSA and Taking a Brake

I have my hexie quilt on my dining room table, I want the grand kids to see the finished product.
My grand kids loved helping me.  they would clue the template, thread my needle, do stitching, cut the hexies and fabric.

I am going to take a brake from blogging, family are coming in for about 2 weeks.  Today I made stuffed cabbage, pork roast and tomorrow baked ziti.  I need some meals on hand since we will be busy and I don't want the oven on - it just get to warm in the house.

I am so excited about joining the CSA - I received broccoli, cabbage and wonderful lettuce.
 Make sure you sign up - it helps the farmers and I am prepping meals ahead of time.

Have a great summer!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Nylons/Panty Hose

I want to know what elderly citizens wear in the summer, nylons/panty hose seems to be outdated.
I wear pants/capris but with hot flashes we need to be cool as can be.  Do I spray my legs with tanning spray?  Rather not go there.  I have terrible veins on my legs- so the nylons (from eons ago) helped and the panty hose was a nice tummy tuck. 

Do women still wear stocking/nylons/panty hose?  Help...

P.S.  I decided I can wear dresses that are 3/4 in length.

I love wearing dresses but when you buy them on line all you see is size 4, 6.

Enough worrying about fashion, time to get things done around here - scraps!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Let me Hexie!

I need to clean the house, dust and do chores but no I just want to do hexies.
You know why - they are so so relaxing......

So much fun....I have saved way too many scraps.  My plan was to make an easy hexie quilt each year, this took 2 years.

The photo didn't come out great but I love the striped fabric.

I decided not to clean today just sew...

Great weekend, happy Father's Day will be with my sons.  Yippee!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Something Creative w/Books/cute family

I love how the library wrapped books and made houses.    
Look closely these ducks were at our book store, lovely family. 
My trip from Oklahoma to TX.

Crossed the Red River and always a wonderful place to stop.
Always a warm fire in the winter.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sewing Outside

Do you ever sew outside, I did & made pillow cases for the children's hospital in TX.

I always have good luck with Fort Worth Fabric.

This was a snoopy pillowcase for heroes.  The hospital needed boy pillowcases.

In the evening when it cooled off we went for a walk along the trail.

A great day in Texas.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Have an "Elsa" party

I went to an "Elsa" party and the girls were so so surprised.

Elsa looked beautiful and was so kind to the children.  The girls were so surprised.

Elsa painted their faces, hid snowflakes, read a book and of course sang "Let It Go".

The birthday girl was so excited - she was crowned a princess - and received a certificate.
The adults enjoyed it as well.

Have a great day.